Experiencing neck pain is no fun. Pain is often felt after sleeping on a different pillow, spending a long day driving or sitting in front of a computer all day. It may come on for no obvious reason at all. Read on to learn about causes and neck pain treatment.

Neck pain is very distracting. It is often constant and nagging affecting your concentration. The pain makes you irritable. It is worse when turning your head to one side or the other. It can catch so we feel limited when checking for traffic whilst driving. You have difficulty talking with someone sitting beside you in a cafe.

Neck pain is a common ailment in our society. It is rated number 6 as the most common problem reporting for medical treatment.

What causes Neck Pain?

There are many factors which contribute to neck pain. The most common cause identified is a mechanical change in movement. The muscles, joint and ligaments may become restricted in movement or may move too much. This causes an abnormal load on these tissues. Pain is felt due to strain, stress and inflammation. Discs and nerves become involved and the pain can become more complex and more extensive.

The other factors to consider are those which have been identified by the recent pain science. These include the influence of our psychological state and that of the environment around us. All these factors play a role in helping us to understand why someone experiences pain and why pain persists.

What are some Neck Pain treatments?

Physiotherapists are experts in understanding how to look at all these elements and how to interpret them. We can identify movement abnormalities and use therapeutic interventions as well as the prescription of specific exercises to change the mechanical problems in the cervical spine. Your physiotherapist will use a combination of soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation, muscle stretches and exercises to address these factors.

Your physiotherapist looks at the influence of your belief system around pain and your external environment. Your therapist can help you identify these and give you strategies to make changes accordingly. This may include a change to work practices, sleeping posture, attitude to neck pain or even to build confidence in management of your condition.

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