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tm physio provides quality Physiotherapy throughout Canberra and is conveniently located in Kippax and Deakin.

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Physiotherapy involves the assessment of patients with pain, stiffness and loss of physical function. Physiotherapists use various modalities to relieve pain. This includes the use of massage, joint mobilisation, joint manipulation, muscle stretching, heat, and electro-physical stimulation.

Specific exercises are prescribed to target the problem. These exercises will assist in restoring strength and mobility. Exercises are used to strengthen weak muscles, and to stretch the joints that are restricted in movement. These improvements in specific strength and mobility will then allow for the restoration of functional movements and tasks, culminating in enhanced quality of life.

Exercises are used for other purposes as well. Loss of balance occurs with some injuries and is common with patients over 50 years of age. Co ordination is a factor which is important for normal function. This can be addressed with specific intervention by your physiotherapist.

Manual therapy and exercise and education are also utilised to facilitate the improvement of general fitness, treatment of tendon injuries, management of chronic pain, gait training, recovery from orthopaedic surgery, recovery from sports injuries, to achieve better ergonomic health, and to improve posture.

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