Physiotherapy Treatment Options

At tm physio we offer a wide range of treatment options for our patients.

Manual Physiotherapy Canberra

Manual therapy

Manual therapy is the use of soft tissue mobilisation, joint mobilisation, joint manipulation, neural mobilisation and muscle stretches. These techniques are used to improve the optimum interplay of the musculoskeletal system. Once the problem is identified the physiotherapist can use highly developed skills to improve the movement of specific joints, muscles or neural tissue to relieve symptoms for the patient. This is usually a painless procedure which gives fast relief for the patient. The therapist will constantly assess your response to this treatment. The intervention is progressed based on this assessment. These techniques are supplemented with exercise therapy.

Hip and Groin pain

Exercise Therapy

Exercise therapy is the use of specific muscle strengthening, specific muscle stretching, balance work, neural mobilisation, coordination work, endurance training to complement our manual therapy treatment. Your therapist will prescribe an individual tailor made programme for your specific condition. We will show you how to perform this routine and give you advice on frequency and repetition. The aim is to create an environment to relieve your condition. The exercise therapy will prevent and maintain optimum musculoskeletal health.

Home based exercises for Physiotherapy

Home Routine

We will advise you of an exercise routine to perform at home which will enhance your manual therapy treatment. This is very important as it will help to achieve lasting effects of your treatment. It may be in the form of specific muscle strengthening, specific muscle stretching, cardiovascular exercise, balance work, coordination work or movement control.

Water / Aquatic Physiotherapy Canberra

Aquatic Physiotherapy

tm physio provides an aquatic physiotherapy program in heated hydrotherapy pools at Club MMM at CISAC in Belconnen and at John James Hospital in Deakin. This service includes individual assessment and exercise programmes targeted at your specific condition. Patients graduate into group and self managed routines. Aquatic physiotherapy is excellent for patients recovering from spinal conditions, sports injuries, chronic conditions and patients who are generally de-conditioned.

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Gym based Physiotherapy Canberra


At our Kippax practice we have a small gym which we use for our patients within treatment programmes. We offer the gym to those who would like to continue an exercise routine of improving their musculoskeletal health and to generally stay fit.

Orthopaedic Surgeon Liaison for Physiotherapy

Orthopaedic Surgeon Liaison

We have a close relationship with many of the orthopaedic surgeons in the Canberra. We provide a service to Dr Brendan Klar, Dr Al Burns and Dr Damian Smith at their orthopaedic clinics. We attend the clinic and see the patients with the doctor. This enables us to coordinate your physiotherapy management in direct communication with the surgeon.


Do you have osteoarthritis? If the answer is YES then GLA:D might be for you.

GLA:D (Good Life with Arthritis: Denmark), is an education and exercise program developed by researchers in Denmark for people with hip or knee osteoarthritis symptoms. This program is now being offered in Australia.

GLA:D uses education and exercise to help with daily activities. You will work with our physiotherapists to strengthen you body, as well as learning to move correctly and manage symptoms to improve pain.

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Temporo-mandibular Joint Pain / Jaw Pain Physiotherapy Canberra

Temporo-mandibular Joint Pain

We have established a reputation as a centre for excellence in the treatment of the temporo-mandibular joint pain and dysfunction. This involves the assessment of the jaw joint, neck and upper back in particular. Manual therapy and an exercise routine are employed to relieve pain and to improve normal movement and function of the region. Physiotherapy is highly effective in the management of these patients. Patients are seen without a doctor’s referral. We liaise with many of the dentists and specialist dentists in Canberra who refer patients to our clinic.

Pain Management

Pre Employment Screening

tm physio conducts employment screening for various industries throughout Canberra. This enables the employer and the prospective employee to understand their musculoskeletal health and identify any problems that they may be able to address before commencing work. We work with a number of organisations to undertake pre-employment screening. If you are looking for this service for your organisation please contact one of our clinics to discuss your needs.

Scoliosis screening Canberra

Spinal Screening for Adolescents

We provide spinal screening services for adolescents to detect scoliosis which may require further intervention. These patients would be referred to an orthopaedic surgeon on detection. We aim to identify preventable postural abnormalities, give direct feedback and commence intervention. Many of our patients have sustained a condition of which poor posture is a major contribution. For this reason we have made this preventative strategy a priority in our practice.

Musculoskeletal Health Lectures

tm physio performs lectures to industry to assist in the prevention of injuries. Lectures include an understanding of the musculoskeletal system, posture, work station exercise, work station setup, concepts of prevention and general exercise advise. These programmes have had excellent feedback with improved confidence of staff in their understanding of their physical health. The lectures enable staff to ask questions about their own issues regarding any problems they may be experiencing. Prevention is the key to better health.

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