Hydrotherapy or otherwise known as Aquatic Physiotherapy is a form of physiotherapy treatment and exercise that is conducted in a warm pool of usually between 30-35 degrees.

It is beneficial for a variety of conditions such as:

  1. Spinal pain
  2. Musculoskeletal pain including sports injuries
  3. Osteoarthritis and other forms of arthritis
  4. Neurological conditions
  5. Post-operative orthopaedic conditions such as following total hip and knee replacements or shoulder surgery.
Example of Hydrotherapy Exercises in the

Example of Hydrotherapy Exercises Calvary John James Hospital Pool Canberra

Hydrotherapy, how does it help physiotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is able to assist with exercises that are not able to be done on the land and may be used as a progression to achieving land based exercises. The buoyancy of the water assists in supporting the body weight and allows for greater comfort and range of motion to be achieved. The water provides a natural resistance level for gentle strengthening and this may be progressed with the use of speciality exercise equipment such as floats and dumbbells. Overall, hydrotherapy may help relieve pain, reduce swelling, improve range of motion, strengthen muscles, and improve balance and general cardiovascular fitness.

If you are new to water and your problem is limiting your exercise, it is beneficial to have a one-on-one initial assessment with a physiotherapist who will assess your problem and provide you with an individualised program. Once you are confident, you may continue your exercise program independently. It is not imperative you need to know how to swim and will not be required to put your head under the water – all that is needed is for you to be comfortable letting go of the pool edge to walk and stand in the pool independently.

How can Hydrotherapy help with pains?

Hydrotherapy is often an essential part of the physiotherapy treatments we provide here in Canberra. It can help with back pain and can be particularly helpful for sciatica pain. Here is a great article on some exercises for sciatica pain treatment using hydrotherapy. However please also consult a professional physiotherapist before attempting hydrotherapy.

Hydrotherapy in Canberra

TM Physio conducts Hydrotherapy sessions at 2 locations in Canberra – Club MMM hydrotherapy pool at CISAC Belconnen and Calvary John James Hospital Pool. There is wheelchair and ramp access to the pool so it easy to get in and out of the pool.

Please call the Kippax Canberra Physio on 6254 9889 or Deakin on 6282 5898 to enquire about available classes.

Deakin 02 6282 5898
Kippax (Luke St) 02 6254 9889
Kippax (Hardwick Cres) 02 6185 1826