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Fix It Before It’s Broken

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

To many people, the idea of going to see a physiotherapist when they are not injured seems pointless. This is a classic “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” kind of attitude. We agree, that to a point it, makes sense.  However, as physios we often see people present to our practice with pain, injuries, and complaints that are the result of, or at the least are exacerbated by, underlying and sometimes chronic problems. So, we try to fix it before it’s broken.

Don’t Ignore Injuries, Pains And Tight Muscles

These problems often go unnoticed for long periods of time, and in and of themselves are not necessarily “bad” or pathological. They could be simple things like poor movement patterning, incorrect technique during daily tasks, or could be more specific, such as overly restricted range of motion in a joint or a particularly tight muscle. Individually, these types of dysfunction can be inconsequential. However, they can also slowly create further problems until they reach the point where pain, restriction or loss of function occurs. In these instances prevention really is better (and easier) than cure.

Time For A Physiotherapy Service!

Most of us think nothing of taking our car in to the dealership a few times a year for servicing, even though there is nothing wrong with it at the time. We don’t question going into the dentist for a check up. We do this because we don’t want the car to break down or don’t want to have to experience the pain (both physical and monetary!) of a root canal. In much the same vein, getting checked occasionally by your physiotherapist as a preventative measure can prevent more serious problems down the line, reducing pain and expense.

Develop An Appreciation Of How Your Body Works

Developing an appreciation of how your body moves and functions, as well as gaining an understanding of your particular areas of strength and weakness can be an empowering and rewarding experience. It can allow you to develop greater levels of function, freedom of movement, and reduce your risk of injury via attritional means.

Be Prepared To Get Back Into Physical Exercise

As well as general checks, your physiotherapist can help get you ready to perform new tasks or activities. If you were thinking about beginning, or getting back in to, a particular sport or activity, your physiotherapist can assess your levels of readiness and can develop an individual, targeted program taking into account your current physical abilities and the particular demands of the sport or activity. Again this can help prevent avoidable, painful, and costly injuries that often curtail people’s ability to enjoy their new activities.

Visit Your Local Physiotherapist In Canberra

Obviously here at tm physio we see our main job as helping to diagnose, treat and manage acute, and persistent injuries, but we also firmly believe that as a general rule, “prevention is better than cure” and as such are strongly committed to engendering a preventative and empowering attitude in our patients.
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